Created in 1921 by 54 winegrowers, the cooperative brought together 321 hectares and converted its first grape harvest into wine in 1922. Upon its creation its capacity for storing wine represented 6,000 hectolitres. The cooperative has continued to grow with the addition of new members. Also, in 1963 a second building was constructed, and the harvest was 28,300 hectolitres. The storage of the wine cellars has today reached a capacity of 80,000 hectolitres.

In 1978 the AOC (wine of controlled origin in France) replaced the VDQS (wine ranked under the AOC). This decree imposes an obligatory measure on the planting of the grapevine varieties of 30% of secondary vines (ie., carignan, cabernet sauvignon, merlot, ugni blanc) and 70% of principal varieties (ie., syrah, grenache, cinsault, mourvèdre, tibouren).

The cooperative in numbers

At present our vineyard represents an area of 650 hectares of AOC wines and table wines. The cooperative counts 160 members that produce an average of 35,000 hectolitres of wines per year.

Grapevine varieties and land

The vineyard of Pierrefeu, due to its exceptional land, has made others envious because of its wine. Indeed, the wine of Pierrefeu is quite famous and is known beyond the borders of France. The land is varied, and the roots nourish the plants, which take on the aromas in the soil. In the plains the clay and rock soil favor fennel and wild garlic. On the hillside thyme, rosemary, wild tea, lavender, and juniper grow in the predominately shale soil. This aromatic land nourishes the vineyard and gives the unique taste to the wines of Pierrefeu.

Aware of this heritage, the winegrowers do their best to preserve this quality by planting vines such as grenache, syrah, and cinsault. The association of these noble vines, the exceptional land, and the know-how permits the production of quality wines such as the Cuvée des coteaux, the Château Bauvais, and the Cuvée Prestige.

To end this story, take a glass and taste. Only your palate will tell you better than anyone the secret of this beverage.